• Interactive Dashboards View your vacancies, maintenance costs, geography-specific, and critical inspection data — issue actions from our interactive dashboard.

  • Auto-Messaging Create customized messages to be sent out to contractors and tenants for each stage of operations. From required maintenance work to completed inspection notifications, Click-Inspect has it covered.

  • Go Digital Trade your pen and paper inspections in for a mobile inspection solution. Curate comprehensive reports every time by using Click-Inspect.

  • Become More Mobile Access your data anywhere anytime using: iPhone, iPad, or Android offline or connected to the web.

  • Total Customization No other software offers the report customization levels that Click-Inspect does. Customize reports with company branding, logos, colors, and fonts. Use cover photos, videos, and more to create a one-of-a-kind report that clients will love.

Our tailor made inspection software is user friendly and really straight forward. Create your very own personalised inspection or try one of our pre loaded inspection check lists.

Personalised diary which will ensure all tasks and to do items are never missed.