What is the process for creating an account?

If you would like to create an account please click the sign up button and fill out the registration form, once the form has been submitted a welcome email confirming the account creation will be sent to the registered email used to create the account.

What are your monthly fees?

Our monthly fees are £20.00 and are fixed price.

What are the number of assets I can inspect?

There are no limits on the no. of assets you wish to inspect.

Can this app be used worldwide?

Yes the app has the capability to be used worldwide.

How many reports am I able to produce?

As many as you like, we don’t offer a limited no.

Can I use the app to inspect the exterior of a property?

Yes, the app has an exterior option allowing you to inspect the outside of your property.

Can I customise my own reports?

Yes, reports can be downloaded and opened in MS Word or PDF.

Are there any termination fees?

No, you can cancel your agreement at any time, we don’t charge termination fees for this.

How do I access my reports?

Reports can be accessed within the app under reports or within the customer portal.

Can I schedule an inspection?

Yes you can, you can schedule any inspection within the app or the customer portal.

What is the Task functionality used for?

Task functionality is used to record any tasks that might require you to do these tasks and will be available to view in the app & customer portal.

Where are my reports stored?

All reports are stored in the Cloud.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do! if you would like a free trial please email us at [email protected]